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Alpha Fresh Australia are a local family-owned business with great vision. We have rapidly expanded our table grape farms, which we specialise in. We have developed our own marketing business and have great relationships with many other growers, in which we are also engaged to market fruit on their behalf. We are not a family business that resists change, instead we embrace it, and look for efficiencies and effectiveness in everything we do. As well as staying relevant to the customer base, we are all aware that there is now a big emphasis in regards to environmental impacts and carbon footprints of produce and packaging. We are continually improving in these areas, from installing more solar to investigating biodegradable bags and packaging. Our ultimate goal is to achieve full vertical integration, from the farm to the customer.

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Alpha Fresh Australia are one of Australia’s favourite grape producers. We currently grow a wide variety of grapes within various seasons of the year, along with new varieties coming up in the near future.

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Situated in North-West Victoria, in the food bowl of Australia, Alpha Fresh Australia are nestled away in a rich and diverse landscape, perfect for the growing of Australia’s favourite grape varieties. Our key location and scale of operation makes this the perfect base to supply worldwide.

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